Monday, August 9, 2010

Real wife sex story part I

I am married to a modern house wife and we are having good understanding and having happy life. We don’t hide any from each other of any nature of incidents .I am just writing what she told me truly on what happened on her birthday when she was home alone. One of her boy friends call her to wish her around afternoon. she was getting ready to take bath. while talking to him, he asked her what kind of dress she is wearing she reply him that she is in birthday dress means naked. he asked her why she is naked and she told him she getting ready to take bath. he asked her 'can i come and help you'. She told him 'i might need help after bath please come if you are free'.he said ok and cut the phone.she went to take bath. after sometime calling bell rang my wife peeped through window and saw him standing by the door, she took small towell and wrapped around her hip showing her upper tits and little bit of vagina hair and went to open the door,after he came inside my wife locked door immediately. he saw her wet dripping water from her vagina hair,then he pulled her towell made her naked. she tried pulling the towel but he could not give. she covered her vagina with her hands, but he was staring at her tits so she asked him to cover her tits with his hands and he was happy to do that. he started massaging her tits slowly. my wife saw his penis getting bigger inside his pant she slowly started pressing his penis then removed his pant made him naked and sat on the sofa spreading her thighs wide opening her cunt giving him full view of cunt to attract him, then she took his penis in hand and slowly opened the foreskin of the penis and kissed it and kept rubbing the penis in her vagina while he was sucking my wife's tits .she did not want to have intercourse but while she was rubbing his penis in her cunt he accidentally pushed it inside her cunt hole,once it has gone inside she
did not allowed him to take it out from her cunt until he released sperm in her cunt. it took long time to release it seems. after releasing he sucked sperm from her cunt and put that in her mouth she drank it. After that shot she now took his penis and rubbing in her face and tits until it become big again. this time she asked him to lay down and sat on his penis straight away putting inside her cunt and started fucking again until she released. after she released she put cunt in his mouth and asked him to lick it. he was so desperate he kept on licking her cunt for long time.actually my wife was on him upside down means her cunt on his mouth and his penis in her mouth at the same time. she sucked again until he released sperm in her mouth she swallowed it seems. after that she was kissing his penis with her lips it seems again penis got straight up thus time she fully spread her thighs wide opening cunt for him to fuck. after fucking this time my wife and him went to take
bath together naked it seems. she asked her to rub her back but he took his penis and rubbed her back hole. looks like he fucked her in the back hole while
talking bath. after that shot both came out and she started wearing sari while he was watching, after wearing sari he lifted the sari to see cunt again but my wife opened blouse and bra also so that he can be tempted to fuck her again, this time his penis is really very big she had to open the cunt real wide to get in, since bra is opened he was sucking her tits and fucked her hard. she enjoyed all the shots it seems. they were having sex for about four hours and had six shots it seems. one day in some party my wife introduced him to me and I was talking to him casually, my wife came to us and asked what are you both upto now. I told her we both are planning have intercourse with you at the same time; my wife told us that she is ready for that. two of us planning to fucked her at the same time. two penis in one cunt. I will write to you in my next about that incident in detail. Please reply if you like this story and contact me at don't forget to post your reply here for more to come.
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