Monday, August 9, 2010

My Lovely Lalitha Chithi (aunty)

My Chithi Lalitha (mother’s younger sister) is a 39 year old. My Chithi is a beautiful woman with a full body. She has a curvaveous busty breasts and her hip is wide and curved with sexy folds and her stomach is bulging a little and a Deep navel . The best part is her Bottoms, her sexy creamy ass. They must be atleast 44 in size and they flare out into the petticoat. My Chithi wears only saree when she goes out and she looks very beautiful in the saree. She use to tie her saree in low hip exposing her deep round sexy navel and her hip.

I’m 19 year old i use to stay in chithi’s home during my vacation. My chithi is staying alone because her husband left her alone and settled in Gulf country with some other lady long back. Me and my Lalitha chithi are very close with each other, she use to tell me that “you are the only happiness in my life”, about her character she is very naughty, jolly, loving and bold lady. Me and Lallu ( i use to call her Lallu when we are in jolly mood) use to go for outing, film and shopping.

This time i got a long vacation of 2 months so i came to my chithi’s home to stay with her, One Friday evening we planned to go out for shopping we use to go in her scooter, but at that time her scooter is not in proper working condition. so we caught the local train from station and went for shopping. While we returning back to home at night time The
Train was jam packed, after lot of pull and push I cornered a place in the

I put Chithi on the wall side and shielded her
From the crowd in the process my whole body was pressed against
Chithi, as the train rocked we were bumping in to each other her left
Leg’s strong thighs were between my thighs and my right thighs were
Between her thighs, by now i was fully aroused and my manhood has
Become hard like a rock and was rubbing on the side of her hips, with
One hand I was leaning on the wall I held Her bare waist above the saree and looked at her ; her eyes were
Closed and face looked red and i found her body was feverish, and for the first time i’m seeing Chithi as sexy mature lady and feeling her beauty and suddenly the erotic thoughts about Chithi formed in my mind. by
the crowd increased further more and we were completely crushed
Against each other, I started crushing her thigh between my thighs
And my other thigh was now rubbing over her crotch.

I could feel the heat of her crotch on my thighs, all this time her one hand was on My hip and with other hand she was protecting her breast,
Slowly she dropped that hand down and now lalitha chithi’s magnificent breasts Were crushing on my chest, I was in seventh heaven, with the hand which Was on her waist I further pulled towards me ,mean time a push from
Behind slightly disturbed my position and I found that now my manhood
Was directly over her palm and I didn't miss the chance and pressed
My fully erect cock on her palm she didn't respond but didn't move.

I became sure lalitha chithi too was enjoying the whole
Episode, the crowd became slightly relaxed and she turned
Towards the door and was now looking outside and was now directly in
Front of me ,her broad round creamy buttocks now directly rubbing on my cock, By then I became bolder and encouraged the hand which was on lalitha chithi’s Waist slowly traveled over her belly under the cover of her pallu and
Then slowly pulled her back on to my erect cock, my cock now crushed
Between the parting of her round ass and I moved with the rhythm of
The train. It was becoming too much for me to hold I wanted to
pump out but held me back, by then our station came and we alighted
And walked out of station towards taxi stand. Lalitha chithi now held my arm with Both her hand her left breast freely rubbing my arm, I casually
Asked her how the local train ride which was
fully rush, lalitha chithi laughed huskily and said very thrilling and I enjoyed it most.
We reached home after entering home lalitha chithi went to change her dress and I rushed to bathroom to jack my dick to get relax. she came out in nighty , her boob and ass where dancing inside her nighty. She started to cook and we had our dinner. We both were normal that night

Then next day I got more bold and naughty due to yesterdays happenings so I got more close and free with Lalitha chithi .evening she asked me if we both go for the movie since she wanted see newly released flim. I immediately said sure and she said she will get ready and be back in a minute. She rushed to her room closing the door behind her, I wondered what more did she need to get ready since she already dressed well.

lalitha chithi came out in low hip saree as usual and said she was ready and if we could leave, I went near her said lalitha chithi you looking very attractive in this saree by holding her hip in one hand . She picked up her scooter keys and we locked the house and left. This time too I walked behind her soaking in the sight of her beautiful butt(kundi). I was so lost in myself that I did not realize when she stopped I bumped right into her my hands literally grabbing her from behind and my bulge pressed right into her ass. I apologized saying lalitha chithi ,I was looking elsewhere,

she immediately said it was ok and I should stop saying sorry and thank you because we both are like friends. I agreed and then We got to the basement and when we reached Then Lalitha chithi sat on the seat and started her scooter, then she asked me to get on the seat behind her, I immediately got on behind her. Now she readjusted her seating position and due to the small seat and her huge ass there was barely any gap between both of us and my dick was touching her butt.

Lalitha chithi said I could hold on to her for support. This was the best thing to happen and I immediately placed both my hands firmly holding her hips from both sides and told her I was comfortable now. As soon as I touched her she jerked up a Now we started off and the breeze was good and I was resting on her back and both our bodies were in complete contact. I could smell her perfume. I looked over her shoulder from behind to see the beautiful sight of her huge boobies and deep cleavage. It suddenly struck me that she could catch me looking from her rear view mirrors and I did not continue staring at her chest

The roads in a bad condition because everytime we went on a pothole I grabbed her harder and my dick rubbed against her butt. Seeing me fall so frequently on her she asked me if I was ok and I told her that the road was very rough. Then Lalitha chithi asked me to hold on to her more firmly. Seizing the opportunity I hugged her from behind with both my hands around her bare waist. She again jerked a little and when I asked her if something was wrong she said nothing. I now had the opportunity to feel her beautiful waist while my bulge was pressing deep between her butt and the seat. Infact because of the bumpy ride my dick was now between her ass crack and the seat and Lalitha chithi had now advanced more back on the seat literally squeezing me but I did not mind since touching her felt great

Now i got bit bolder and slowly moved my palms towards her navel, Lalitha chithi was shaking a bit and I draw a circle around her navel tried to insert my finger in her deep navel, she couldn’t bear it but at the same time she enjoying, meanwhile my dick was rock hard and it was pushing further into her ass. She asked me “are you feeling comfortable?” I said “yes chithi, I have got good grip”, she said “ok but…” I asked “but what chithi”, she said “nothing”, I don’t know whether she was enjoying or just pretending as if everything was normal. Her sari completely covered my palms which were around her waist and sometimes due to the jumps my hands slipped and kept touching the lower part of her boobs, but sad by that time we reached the cinema theater

we both went in I expected something will happen in cinema theater while seeing film but we were normal and we came out from cinema theater and Now on our journey back, , Lalitha chithi started the scooter and we started moving chithi asked “hows the film?” I said “its good and we were talking abt the film ” now I felt like doing something naughty so I moved so close n hugged Lalitha chithi tightly by holding her hip with my hands and pushed my dick against the gap of chithi’s ass and the seat. She slowly raised her ass up Meanwhile I slowly continued pushing my dick further in along with every jerk motion while she applied brakes, and what I saw through the rear view mirror was an amazing sight, Lalitha chithi was biting her lower lips. Her body heat was rising and I could feel it.

We reached her home, Then aunt went to her room changed to an old pale green sari with dark green blouse and went to kitchen to prepare dish. I was seeing tv after changing my dress I was in just a losse shorts no inner wears. Lalitha chithi asked me do you know to cook… I said “no Lalitha chithi” then why don’t u come and learn I will teach you. I thought to myself
that am damn lucky that everything is going the way I wished and immediately I went into the kitchen. Lalitha chithi was standing near the stove and was preparing dosa.

I stood near aunty and watched, but I could not concentrate on the way she pour dosa mavu in the pan since her boobies were obstructing the view it was so huge. she found out what I was seeing, but didn’t care about it, I said let me try, Lalitha chithi said ok and gave me the mavu karandi , I started pouring the dosa mavu in the pan but was not coming properly, Lalitha chithi said oh you not doing properly and she came from behind me and held my hands. I shuddered the moment her boobs pressed against my back but soon began to enjoy the feeling. My dick was beginning to grow. Then I said no Lalitha chithi you do I will watch and gave the Dosa mavu karandi to her, she was bit disappointed with my act, now I guessed Lalitha chithi was in a mood for naughty play, so I got bolder and stood behind her. Lalitha chithi asked me “what are you doing?” I said” Lalitha chithi let me hold your hand and do those” chithi said “oh good idea”. I positioned myself standing behind her looking over her shoulder and I placed one of my hands on her waist holding her firm and squeezing her hip folds with the other caught her wrist, she suddenly stopped the work, “I asked her what happened?” Lalitha chithi said “no nothing” and started pouring dosa mavu in the pan and applying it in circular motion all over the pan. Slowly I caught her palm and squeezed it gently while my dick was digging deep into her ass crack thru her sari from behind. Lalitha chithi reacted with a gentle moan

Because of this my dick went deeper into her ass almost pushing against her anus hole through her sari and by now she knew it very well. Then slowly I moved my hip in a circular motion while Lalitha chithi applying dosa mavu in a circular motion over the pan , she gave a naughty smile and continued the work for the next dosa I did the same by moving my hip in a circular way by pushing her ass for my surprise Lalitha chithi too moved her ass along with me in a circular way her hairs with my nose from behind and blew air slowly on her bare back. Lalitha chithi was breathing heavily now. I slowly raised my hand from her waist towards her breast while thrusting my penis deeper into her ass crack. Now Lalitha chithi stopped her work and was just standing still. I slowly inserted my right hand into her sari and now with both hands cupped her boobs and squeezed them softly. Lalitha chithi moaned and arched her body backwards and closed her eyes. Then I told her to open her eyes and see how her boobies were trying to tear her blouse and pop out.

Then she finished preparing the dinner in this same state We finished dinner in super fast mode now since both of us were so aroused and were eager to get to the next level. We both came to hall .then Lalitha chithi went to face wash in bathroom I thought of giving her a surprise so I hid myself behind the door which lead to bath room and waited.
After few mins Lalitha chithi came after refreshing and was searching for me. I went and switched off the hall light, Lalitha chithi said “ohm damn power” but I said “hey Lalitha naughty baby” Lalitha chithi replied “hey rascal where are you? What are you doing?”, I said just be quiet and went behind her took a kerchief and tied her eyes. Lalitha chithi whispered “hey what are you doing?” I said “just wait and see Lalitha chithi”. Now I let her hair loose and it fell till her waist. Lalitha chithi was now standing in the middle of the hall with her eyes tied and I switched on a dim light .

Now I went near her and Lalitha chithi was breathing very heavily, I slowly proceeded and kissed her lips, Lalitha chithi was surprised but she immediately responded with kissing me back and in few mins we were sucking each other’s lips, tongue and were making hissing sounds.. I hugged her tight and kept my palms on her plump creamy ass and pressed her hard into my waist, I started pumping her ass by squeezing it very hard with my hands and my erect dick was pushing hard against her abdomen. Then I went below to her neck and kissed her there licking her neck from top till her cleavage, and Lalitha chithi boobs were rising up and down due to her heavy breathing Lalitha chithi couldn’t take my swift kissing actions anymore and she just shook her head slowly and making hisssssssss sounds… Then I left her took few steps back and removed all my clothes and became stark naked with my dick standing in all its glory saluting her. Lalitha chithi mean time was whispering “hey where are you, what are you doing darling??” I then went behind her and hugged her tightly, Lalitha chithi moaned “ahhhhhhhhhh…” I pushed my naked dick into her anus through the sari and removed her pallu, now I could see her mountainous cleavage from over her shoulder.

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