Friday, January 28, 2011

Sister got fucked by brother

Ravi and Neha are siblings. There are 4 members in their family. Their parents. Mr and Mrs reddy.

Ravi is in college. Doing his 1st year. neha is in +2.

Neha is a normal homely girl. Though her ass and boobs are very attractive but still she kind off hide them in salwar and traditional ware. Her friends are totatly opposite though. Being the student of a reputated english medium school in the city, they really know how to use their body to seduce and use boys as well as teachers.

Neha's best friend is anita. she is simply a bomb, sex bomb. she is alwyz have a slutty look and drool over every hot guy.

Ravi got real hots for this fucking bitch. everyday he musterbates thinking of her.

One day while discussing about love potion and drugs with her friends he got an idea. An idea to fuck his dream BITCH.

It was simple, anita comes with neha to her house very often and she stays for a long time.

Now all tavi had to do was make anita to have the date drug and get her in full swing while his sister is away.

so he arranged for a powerfull date **** drugs. The chemist warned him, if the girl even have one tablet, she needs to be fucked like a true bitch or else it might even be a danger for her life. her body temparature might rise real high.

Ravi was all set and was so happy. Alas!! little did he know what was about to be happened.
Now Ravi was all set to fuck anita. Anita, who was a very cunning gurl already knew Ravi's intention by the way he used to look at her. Even she was ready for a wild fuck, but at the same time she wants to have some fun with her new sex partner, some real perverted fun.

She thought how it might be to make ravi fuck his own sis. Anyway so one day when anita and neha both were at neha's place, she saw ravi was in the kitchen doing something. Now anita can smell the rat, she never saw ravi in the kitchen before. she was curious.

After a while neha said " anita be here i'll just go n have a quick bath". Anita said "yaah go ahaed, i am right here, lemme give a company to your bro", and gave her a mischevious smile, neha also smiled and said "ok" and went to the bathroom.

Anita came to the dining hall and found ravi is still in kitchen, she was quite curious by this time, she called " ravi, what are you doing in kitchen, i never saw u being in kichen so long, do u need any help".

"No, not at all, actually i was making some sarbat here, do u want it?, It's nice."

"well, ya i guess", anita said.

ravi was pouring the whole love potion in the glass of sarbat now, his heart was poundaring. The chemist said just 2 spoon of it was enough, after that the gal has to be fucked brutally, else her body will go hot beyond limit and that even can cause death, ravi wanted to fuck this bitch real good.

Ravi came out of the kitchen with 2 glasses. "hey neha, here's yours", he gave her the glass. anita took it and as she was about to have a sip, she looked at ravi, he was keenly watching her, anita found it's a li'l different look. he was not egjactly looking at her but at the glass.

Meanwhile neha was taking bath in the bathroom, she was standing naked infron of the mirror, now, she was a very homely girl unlike anita, but still she had a killing figure and a innocent sweet face. she did not no today her life is about to change forever.

On the other side, anita was now really suspicious, she called ravi " ravi, i think some one is at the door, u better check it", ravi reluctantly agreed and went to check. Anita rushed to the kitchen and had a good look around, and soon she found the wrapper of love potion in the dust bin, now she had a cruel smile on her lips.

She walked back in the dining hall, saw ravi was not there, walked to neha's bedroom, kept the glass on her dressing table, and walked back.

ravi was standing in the dining hall. " Hey ravi, I am leaving, i have some real urgent work", anita yelled at him, ravi was scratchin his head, " errrrr, ohh, ammm do u want me to drop u?", " naah i can manage, thanx for the sarbat anyway", anita smiled.

Ravi was real rustrated, "Damn, fuckin bitch".

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