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My mom and a Friend sex stories

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My name is Deena Dhalayan, though everyone knows me calls me 'deenu'. I live with my mom and father in chennai. I am studying 12th standard in a school near to my house. When i hit puberty and learned about sex, I developed a huge crush on my very own mom. I knew it was wrong, but i cannot control it.

My mom was the sexiest woman I had ever seen in my entire life. my mom,aged 39, was a beautiful woman with medium height. she got a long black hair flowing upto her ass. Her facial features attracted everybody.
But her most noticeable and appreciated attributes were her big boobs.

Yes, my mom has an extremely large set of breasts on her chest. They were bigger, well-fleshed and hung all the way down without sagging a little bit. They were full, wide, round and big from top-to-bottom. Whenever my mom walked, the boobs would literally swing like basketballs,swaying back and forth. They would hang perfectly like a pair of coconuts whenever she bent over. My mom also had a huge pillowy ass. Everytime I saw her, I would instantly get a huge erection, and my penis would bulge against my pants.

My school friends would glare at my mom's breasts as they pushed against her blouse. They would drool at the very sight of her juicy, heavy cleavage.
One Sunday, my close friend Ratnesh visited my house. I welcomed him as usual and we sat in the hall. We chatted about the hot girls in our school. Suddenly he stopped talking as my mom entered the hall. My mom was wearing a red cotton saree with black blouse. The blouse is full sleeved, all the way upto her wrist. But only very little amount of cover was provided for her cleavage and back. All half of my mom's buttery smooth boobs were visible through it. The big boobs straining inside her white bra, was clearly visible through the blouse she was wearing. Ratnesh was staring at my mom without her notice. It had an effect on him that his cock became quite hard inside his pants.

My mom greeted him with a warm smile. She sat opposite to him, and enquired about his studies and other things. He replied to my mom as if in a trance , but his mind was occupied with lust towards my mom. I knew it. He had even once confessed that he was masturbating thinking about my mom. I had not taken it as offence as I considered that it was normal for our age.

Ratnesh, keeping the innocent look on his face, feasted his eyes on my Mother's big boobs.

I asked my mom," Got any lunch for us?".

"within 10 minutes", saying so, my mom rose from the sofa, and turned towards the kitchen. The kitchen was located next to the hall.

My Mom's ass was plump and it was thrusting out and straining against the saree. The way my Mom's big ass was moving inside her saree made Rathnesh's cock throb strongly inside his underwear.

Nice beginning. Please go on and write more in each instalment. I have a request. Let your mom have a big bush in her armpits and pussy. Let her armpits give strong musky smellof sweat and you both should lick it and eat her pussy turn by turn.

Ratnesh went behind my mom, into the kitchen, ogling her big ass bounce and jiggle as she walked. I was annoyed and went into the kitchen trailing him.

My mom, sensing us entering the kitchen, said," If the growing boys need to eat something, I will give you some nibbles".

Ratnesh stared at my mom's ass as it pointed back at him. He replied," i am willing to nibble on anything you got" in a lusty tone. I sensed the hidden meaning of his reply.

"Oh guys, you don't look like nibblers! I don't want you to come here and just nibble on me a little. I want you to eat plenty!".

Ratnesh chuckled," You need not fully satisfy me".

Then, glaring at my mom's big tits he breathed out," I just wanted a little something of yours to put in my mouth". I understood what he meant.

I was infuriated and shot him a look. I whispered him to come outside and he obliged as he saw the anger in my face.
We went into the garden. I stared him openly for some time.

"Stop saying dirty stuff and double meaning words to my Mom" I said in a stern voice.

"I can't help it. She is very sexy and she is so dumb" Ratnesh said in a mocking voice.

I moved in close, "My Mom is not dumb."

"No, I'm sorry. she's not dumb, but she's so sexy!" Ratnesh laughed. "It's just funny to me, when I say those words. I have to admit that it also excites me".

"Lay off, you Dick!" I hissed in anger.

"Oh Damn, I would love to lay off on your Mom!" Ratnesh laughed.

"Shut the fuck up! I swear to God I will kill you, if you don't stop that. I am not goint to put up this shit" I shouted.

"All right, all right. I am sorry man" Ratnesh grinned and straightened his dick . Then we moved silently into the house.

I glanced him sidewards as we were entering the house, and found his face still full of smiles and excitement.

As we entered the hall, my mom asked from the kitchen,"Why don't you come over here and see whether I have got any goodies you would like to get your hands on." She opened up the refrigerator and bent over. It forced her saree to ride up into her ass crack.

Ratnesh shuddered as he ogled her magnificent ass.

"Maybe we could have a few sandwiches Mom?" I offered. I was fond of sandwiches.

Ratnesh now stared openly at my mom's plump bulged out of her saree.

"What kind of sandwich could the three of us make?" Ratnesh asked my mom. She leaned into the refrigerator and wondered aloud, "Oh, god, I don't know..." she sighed.

"You look very pretty today, let us just eat you!" Ratnesh laughed.

My mom coughed," how good would it be to eat me?" she grinned. "You are fresh today and maybe I should eat you!" she poked him in the side.

"If you are hungry for Me, I will let you eat me." he said lustily to my mom.

Ratnesh pushed me backwards and moved in close behind my mom, "Yes, what kind of meat do you keep in your box?" He leaned in behind my mom and tried to push his bulge against her hip. I was irritated considerably.

My mom raised her face to his and smiled, "Yes, I made chicken last night, would you like some cold chicken?"

"I love chicken especially the taste of thigh. Breast is also good. I am always up for some breast meat." Ratnesh cooed.

"I have some big breasts", my mom giggled.

I was shocked to hear those words from my mom.

"I love your breasts! You think can I get a little sample of them, please?"

"Well that's lovely. You can come directly and get the meat anytime you like." my mom laughed.

"Wow, you mean it?"

"Oh, of course Ratnesh! You know a lot of time I am alone and I have no fun. Deenu has so many things going to do. so he is not always here,
so you can come! Anytime!" my mom assured.

I was simply dumbfounded. I did not know what was going on. Was my mom really a dumb?

In order to prolong the dirty conversion, Ratnesh asked the mom, " I have always this doubt. In butcher shop, do they butcher the hens or the 'cocks'"?. He gave more accent to the word 'COCK'.

"They don't butcher the hens." my mom clarified.

"So the chicken you made is COCK. Right?". Now he said the word 'cock' aloud.

"Yes. That's right." my mom smiled.

Ratnesh asked in a deep voice," Do you want some? Are you hungry for cock right now?".

I scooted my chair noisily, "Ratnesh, stop bothering my mom".

I knew what 'cock' he meant. My fists became tighten. It was very hard to control myself not to give him a punch.

"He's no bother. He's helping me out". My mom said in a sweet tone. Surely, It added my fury.

My mom was sitting in a chair. Ratnesh stood next to my mom staring at her long nipples, his bulge right in her face.

"You are wearing new pants, yes", my mom smiled up at Ratnesh.

"How can you tell?" he asked proudly pushing his crotch out at my mom.

"They're so stiff! Look how stiff you are." my mom grinned eyeing his bulge directly.

I was embarrassed and obviously confused.

" Yes, I am pretty stiff right now. They have that new denim smell too. see for yourself." He said with a catch in his throat.

My mom reached out and took his hips. Ratnesh locked eyes with an angry eyes of mine as my mom gently pressed her nose and face into Ratnesh's crotch and inhaled slowly and deeply.

I just stared at my mom - my mom.

Ratnesh's eyes fluttered as my mom pressed her face directly against his thick denim covered bulge.

"That does smell good Ratnesh. I like it." my mom drawled.

I glanced over and saw my mom squatting in front of my best friend, her face buried in his crotch. I realized Ratnesh was staring at the amount of ass he could see and his eyes focused down between her spread thighs. My mom was rubbing her face against my friend's crotch. I saw his breathing change.

"Oooh! That is a good smell!" my mom glanced up into Ratnesh's eyes and grinned.

"No", I blurted out , my voice cracking.

"You like that scent?" Ratnesh asked.

"Oh, yes!" my mom pressed her face into his crotch again and his crotch bulged more.

Ratnesh resisted grinding his cock against my mom's face, " are pretty hungry for some cock?" he asked in a husky voice.

"Mom! What are you doing?" I asked with in a shocked tone. What was she doing? What happened to her?

"Come here you." my mom smiled. She grabbed my hips and pressed her face into my crotch.

My cock reacted to my mom's face pressing against my crotch. I saw a smirk on Ratnesh's face.

"How does he smell ?" Ratnesh asked sarcastically.

"We need to get you some new jeans, Dheena " my mom giggled looking at me.

"Oh!I have got something else you boys might want to eat!" my mom smiled and stood on her tip toes to reach a high shelf.

"I made cookies!" As my mom was Reaching high, some parts of her big round boobs were revealed. Her saree were wedged deeply up into her ass cheeks. Ratnesh stood behind her with glazed eyes taking in as much as he could.

"Oh great! That's so sweet! you are one of the sweetest pieces of my life." Ratnesh blurted out.

"Ratnesh! You're such a lovely boy. You really think of me as a sweet piece?"

"Absolutely," he laughed. "You're the sweetest piece I know! Sometimes I wish I could eat you."

My mom handed Ratnesh the tray of cookies. "Oh are you not sweet, Dick. Can I call you Dick? Ratnesh sounds so formal."

I just stared at her, my mouth hanging open. I could not believe these kind of words emanate from my homely mom.

"Oh yes, I will be your DICK" Ratnesh glanced at me and delivered a derisive smile.

"He wants to get his hands on my cookies. This is what he
wants." my mom laughed.

"You know me too well!" Ratnesh grabbed a larger cookie off
the tray and chewed it into a strange shape. "Look,I made you a pussy."

"Ratneeeeesh" I whined. I wanted to beat the shit out of the sneering bastard.

My mom took it away from him, "Pussy? I don't get it? Oh I see, look at the little ears! Very nice! You have got a talented mouth, Dick!"

"Are you going to eat that now? You are not supposed to eat pussy!" Ratnesh chuckled.

"Why not? You wanted it, so it must be good!" my mom held it up near her mouth. "It's my pussy now Dick."

"mom" I whined "you are being impossible".

"I want to eat it!" Ratnesh tried to grab it back from my mom, "let me eat your pussy! Now that I'm looking right at it I'm hungry for it again".

"You're not eating my Pussy, Mr. Dick!" my mom grinned.

"Let me eat it. Come on, let me have a little taste of your pussy." Ratnesh whispered.

"Hey! No you cannot have my pussy! Why don't you go around and find something else?".

Ratnesh had snatched it out of her hands and run his tongue across it, as if he was licking a pussy.

"oh! Don't lick it like that!"

"Mmmm, this is the best pussy I've ever licked!" Ratnesh uttered loudly.

"Stop that! Oh, Dick, you are getting my pussy all sticky!!". my mom cooed

"Too late. I am going to keep licking it now and It is too sweet to stop!"

"You better do more than lick, mr.Dick. Now that you got your tongue all over it, you're going to have to eat the whole thing."

"Oh, I am pleased to do it".

This is too much for me. I was stunned and gasping for breath.

My mom snapped her head around to look at me, "Dheenu! What's wrong, you look ill". She came to me and place her fist on my forehead.

"Oh, Boy, your whole body is so hot! What is the problem?". my mom asked in a concerned voice.

"Oh, Mom! I am fine. I am just fine!" I stammered.

"He need some fresh air. I think let us go to the garden" Ratnesh recommended.

So we started for the garden located in the back of our house.I was somewhat relieved that this dirty conversion was stopped. we sat on a chair and enjoyed the freshness of the air.

After some time Ratnesh said to mom,"what were we doing? I was eating your pussy?"

"You have had enough pussy.., I need to get something substantial into me." my mom chuckled.

I got a towering rage. In order to change the topic I said," The climate is still very hot. is n't it?".

Both looked at me. Ratnesh said" Yes. It is so hot. I think i have to remove my shirt to cope up with this". In a second, he removed his shirt and put it on his arm.
A slight cool breeze started coming over to the garden which was reducing the scorching heat.

Again Ratnesh started. "Two coconuts are trying to break from the confinement. Why dont you free it?", he added, pointing to a nearby coconut tree.

I glanced at Ratnesh. But his true eyeing and mind was set on my mom's giant breasts inside her tight blouse.

My mom," Do you think so? I will make your wish fulfilled".

My stomach started to churn.

"It is so hot. I have to relieve myself " saying so, my mom pulled away her saree from her shoulder and put it on her lap.

My mom's tits were so full, so large, they seemed ready to burst out of the tightly stretched silk blouse at any moment. The tops of her titties were spilling over the tight blouse.

Ratnesh cock started to get hard. He couldn't keep his eyes off her chest as well.

"still so hot", my mom undid the four hooks in her blouse and pulled it down off her shoulders.These bra straps were practically holding her massive breasts up like heavy boulders, waiting to roll out.

Ratnesh got a nice close up view of her breasts trying to break her bra. "Still the coconuts are not free" Ratnesh hissed.

I was getting a sick feeling in my stomach.

She slowly removed the bra, revealing inch by inch of her enormous tits.

They looked like massive basketballs that got stuck inside her chest. They hung a little bit because of the weight but still looked beautiful on her mature body. My mom's nipples were brown, thick, and long, surrounded by large brown areolas. The nipples were also hard and stood out about an inch.

Ratnesh licked his lips and was stun at the size of her tits. His mouth watered and his cock got hard.

My emotions were churning and I felt a little dizzy.

His eyes traveled up every inch of massive tits, as my mom sitting half naked in front of his son and his 'best' friend.(please strike the word 'best').

Oh my. They are enormous," gasped Ratnesh.

my stomach hurt as I wondered what my mom was doing.

My mom removed the saree and folded it neatly.

Then she announced." I have plenty of chores to finish. so i am going in". she turned to Ratnesh," please bring the other clothes inside". Saying so, she walked away, carrying the saree.

As my mom walked, her tits bounced and wobbled free for our viewing pleasure.

Ratnesh picked up the bra and read,"Oh god! They're 40 EE's".

He inhaled deeply the cups of my blouse and bra and smirked to me.

He looked at my mom to see her big melons bounce wildly with her movements.Then with a silly grin, he also trailed my mom.

I was too tired and too depressed to make a scene.

Maybe I was going insane. At least that would be a reasonable excuse for my thoughts and feelings.

Exhausted I walked towards the house. My head was spinning so bad that I would barely walk.

I found nobody in the hall. So I went towards the kitchen hoping to get a drink. I peeked through the kitchen window.

I stopped stunned unable to move.

My mom was standing near the kitchen sink. My friend Ratnesh was squeezing and fondling every inch of my mom's huge tits. He Rolled them and pressed them against her chest. Then he placed his palms under my mom's massive breasts, feeling the weight and softness of them.

With curosity, Ratnesh bounced them lightly in his hands. I Watched them closely as they move up and down. My mom leaned her head back and closed her eyes while Ratnesh had his way with her boobs. He pulled and pinched at her thick long nipples and started jiggling her massive tit flesh by them.

Being excited, Ratnesh started bouncing my mom's huge tits up and down and then wobbled them from side to side. Suddenly, he smacked my mom's big tits against each other, making thunderous noises.

I felt a burning jealousy in my stomach as I watched my mom's boobs were being abused.

Ratnesh puckers up his large black lips and sucked one of my mom's nipples into his mouth. He bend down on his knees while he sucked between both of thick nipples.

Ratnesh had a tight grip on her enormous tits and started sucking the tit flesh into his mouth along with the nipples. Literally he devoured my mom's massive titties with his mouth. He switched from one big tit to the other, sucking as much of the tit into his mouth as possible.

Ratnesh sucked my mom's tits like a starving infant and my knees wobbled from the acute emotions.

Ratnesh had become very horny and Squeezed my mom's left tit with full force using his hands. My mom's tit, being very heavy and big, bulged out and its nipple became stiff and erect like a small nail. It looked like a small finger protruding out her tit flesh.

To my dismay, my mom let him do as he pleased.

Ratnesh licked and sucked my mom's huge boobs. He had been making good use of my mom's huge 40EE tits, by lapping her huge tits with his toungue as much as possible.

He saw me watching and winked at me.

He licked and compressed her giant breasts all over. He left no area of her big tits dry.

His eyes told me silently, " Watch me how lustily I am moving my long tongue all over your mom's titflesh".

I immediately felt a chill ripple down my spine. My mom moaned in pleasure.

Now,as he knew I was watching them, he tried to humiliate me by becoming more aggressive in playing with my mom's tits.

So,Ratnesh started assaulting on my mom's big breasts vigorously. He stuffed her right breast almost half in his mouth while he was kneading her left breast. He made her breasts into cone shapes and bobs his head up and down on them like a calf on a cow.

He gripped my mom's breasts and started smacking them against each other rudely. Then he held both breasts together so he could take both fat nipples into his mouth and suck.

Ratnesh was sucking as much of my mom's big tits into his mouth as possible.

Inspite of the pain felt, i could not help looking at the orgy.

After some time, he left my mom's abused breasts covered in thick saliva. The breasts seem to be glistened in the light.

Ratnesh then started undressing himself and soon he was naked. His cock was around 6 inches and black in colour.

A shy mom took the throbbing cock in her hands and started stroking up and down.

" Hmmm. feels good " moaned Ratnesh.

My mom's eyes looked at his balls hanging down to his thighs while she stroked his black dick. Slowly she shook his cock and moved back his foreskin to reveal a pink glans, shining with precum. she also massaged his balls.

A tangle of emotions swirled through me.

My mom knelt in front of Ratnesh. She took her tongue out of her mouth and started licking the head of his cock while still stroking it.

Ratnesh almost fainted and watched as this mature big boobed woman licked his cock. My heart sank.

She was Swirling her tongue around his cock. Ratnesh grabbed hold of my mom's breast while she started sliding more and more of his cock into her mouth.

Ratnesh let out a groan as my mom's saliva make his cock wet and she closed her lips around his cok and moved forward to the base.

Then she took the whole cock into her mouth and started sucking on it.

Spit began to flow from the side of my mom's mouth with tangy bits of his precum.

I was even more jealous than before.

She took it out of her mouth and started licking his thick shaft. Trailing her tongue up and down his long dick.

My mom's hands cupped his buttocks and started massaging them.

Ratnesh started kneading and pulling my mom's erect nipples as she continued to suck his cock.

Saliva drip and fall out of her my mom's mouth and off his dick. She took the cock out her mouth.

A thick strand of spit connected his cock to my mom's mouth broke.

She spat on it and Lubed it up and down in her saliva. I was so angry that my hands were shaking.

Ratnesh grabbed my mom's hair and pushed his cock into her wet mouth. His cock went deep onto her mouth in one stroke and my mom gagged a little.

When he pulled his cock all the way out of my mom's mouth, a wad of saliva dribbed out of the corner of her lips. She then wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

Grabbing her hair firmly, Ratnesh started shoving his black cock in and out of my mom's pretty mouth. He was moaning and slurping noises coming from my mom's mouth.

I felt a cold spot in my stomach. Ratnesh gazed at me and threw a derisive smile.

His penis was moving back and forth inside my mom's mouth.

Precum dribbled from each side of her mouth and fell on her huge tits. Ratnesh moaned and gradually lengthened his strokes until my mom's nose hit his pubic hair.

More spit and precum dribbled from her mouth into the giant tits below her. Now my mom's big boobs were shining in his precum.

Ratnesh finally stopped fucking my mom's mouth. The strands of spit seemed to connect my mom's mouth to his cock, even when he pulled it from her mouth.

Ratnesh's cock was glistening with my mom's saliva and his precum.
As he released my mom's hair from his grip, my mom slowly stood up.

Ratnesh smiled at me and pointed my mom's glistening tits with his eyes. I understood the meaning and it hurt me.

My mom held of her huge wet tits and started slapping Ratnesh's face with them. She rubbed his own saliva and precum against his cheeks.

Then Ratnesh moved his head between them and my mom rubbed them up and down his head, tit fucking his head.

Ratnesh was kissing and licking her cleavage as two enormous breasts moved up and down his head. My mom bounced them and jiggled them around his

I was trembled and shaken as I watched.

As my mom released his head, he moved his hands on her huge naked tits and started pulling on her nipples.

He held her left tit with his one hand and moved his another hand to the tit and pulled its nipple out. Oh my god! My mom's nipple along with the tip of the tit flesh strecthed out atleast by an inch.

Anger and jealousy suddenly welled up inside me.

Ratnesh nabbed the threads of the petticoat and pulled them down. My mom's petticoat slipped down revealing her white fat thights.

I heard my mom hiss as he pressed his cheek against her panties. The panties were already wet with the pussy juice. So Ratnesh grinned when he felt my mom's moisture through her panties.

He kissed my mom's wet spot, eliciting another hiss of breath from her. He then hooked his fingers in the waistband of my mom's panties and ripped the garment from her body.

Then it was his turn to make a gasp, as he saw my mom's beautiful pussy. He licked his lips seeing my mom's pussy.

My mom kept her pussy shaved clean. Her pussy lips were enflamed, bright pink, and beaded with moisture. I saw the button of her clitoris peaking out from its hood. Ratnesh licked his lips once more.

Rathnesh cupped both of my mom's ass cheeks and Started sucking her pussy and lapping up her cum with his tongue.

"Mmmmm! Eat my pussy. Suck it! Ohhhh yeaaah! Ahhhh! " my mom exclaimed, as he savagely devoured her cunt with his tongue and mouth.

I was suddenly dead tired and slightly nauseous.

My mom's snatch must be sweet and Ratnesh couldn't get enough of it.

Ratnesh started munching away furiously at my mom's cunt. His nose was completely buried deep in her drenched pussy. He sucked on her cunt lips and clitoris, sending my mom into a frenzy.

My mom's toes curled up in the air and her nipples were as hard as bullets.

Ratnesh nibbled and sucked on my mom's clitoris. She could be heard moaning as her pussy took a vicious eating from him. My mom's body was trembling at an all time high with Ratnesh's mouth plowing away at her delicious cunt.

I had to swallow the bile that burned in my stomach.

My mom had an orgasm and started cumming on my friend's face. He sucked and drank up every drip of her cum that spilled into his waiting mouth

The powerful orgasm took control of my mom's body and she began gushing her cum out like a geyser. His mouth sucked up all of her cum and continued sucking away at her pussy after my mom finished unloading.

Then Ratnesh spreaded my mom's legs apart wide and rubbed his cock head against her pink wet pussy entrance. “Oh god. That feels so good.” she moaned.

Ratnesh was happy to listen as he insert his thick cock into my mom's pussy. Slowly he moved inch by inch, not wanting to rush. My mom's wet pussy lips was wrapping around his cock. Taking it in deep.

My mom's enormous tits wobbled and jiggled upon her chest while he thrust his cock in and out of her pussy slowly, in a delightful pace.

He gripped her wrist as he thrust more powerful into her pussy. First short hard thrusts, followed by long powerful ones. Then he just started bucking his groin area against hers. Ratnesh filled my mom's pussy with every inch of his cock.

My mom's big tits bounced with his force. Just looking at them got him really picking up the pace. Ratnesh Pounded her wet pussy harder. My mom wrapped her legs around his back. His balls smacked and rubbed against her pussy as his cock penetrated.

As Ratnesh pounded away at her we both started watching my mom's immense tits swing and sway wildly in the mirror. He also made a derisive glance at me.

I was so angry that my hand was shaking.

My mom's tits were actually touching the ground and flopping around. Ratnesh couldn’t resist anymore and grab them. He Squeezed and just mauled her big tits. He started toying with my mom's nipples and stretching them way from her tits.

“Oooooo. I’m going to cum” moan loudly my mom who was pushing herself up against his dick while he was thrusting it in her velvetty pussy. She came all over his dick and some dripped down her thighs and legs.

The fucking continued for another five minutes until Ratnesh pulled out of her cunt and turned her to face him. He jerked his cock at her face. My mom had her big tits held up ready for his salty cum.

"Here I cum " he moaned.

Ratnesh's hot thick cum spurted out in huge globs. He first sprayed my mom's face and some flew into her black hair. He sprayed some cum upon her gorgeous ripe melons and glistened her chest.

He shot at least a gallon on my mom's face and big boobs. She used her hands to hold his cock and jerk him off while he blew his load on her.

Ratnesh pushed his cockhead against her face and oozed the rest of his cum on her face. Her cheeks, forehead, nose and eyelids were drenched in his sticky cum. My Mom took his cock between her lips and sucked the little bit of cum he had on it.

After he finished cumming, they smiled at each other and joked about my mom's face being drenched in cum.

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