Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An Indian Incest Part 1

I was 40 when my husband suddenly died of a heart attack. After that myself and my college going son was alone in the house. I had very sweet memories of my husband. He was a master in the sexual art. He utilized whole my body parts for his pleasure as well make me satisfied in whatever way I wanted. According to him I was very sexy with perfect body shape, large boobs and a huge ass, which rolled up and down while walking. I have often noticed the neighborhood boys masturbating looking at my back.
I was also in the habit of provoking them by standing in sexy postures and thus getting silent pleasure.

My son was very quiet in habits. He was very much engaged in his studies. My husband wanted to make him a doctor. I was also trying my best for him not to feel the absence of his father.

Now the real part of the story happened one day when I was changing his bed spread. I just tried to roll the bed over when suddenly something from under the bed fell to the floor. I took it and was shocked to see that it was a sex magazine. It was full of colour photos and stories. In my curiosity I read it full before my son came back from college. The stories and pictures were very erotic. I never knew that my son was that much interested in sex. I replaced the book at the same place.

At that moment I decided to have a close watch on him. After returning from college he was in the habit of watching the television for some time and retiring to his room for his studies. Both of us take supper together and I usually go to bed around 10* clock. On that day I went to bed a little early. Our rooms were just opposite and I could perfectly see what he was doing in the room. I was breathing hard but tried my best not to make any sound.

Almost one hour passed. He rose from his chair, looked at my room and took the sex book from under his bed. He started reading the book. At the same time I rose from bed and went close to his door to have a closer view. A few moments later he stood up, unzipped his trousers and took his dick out. He started to shake it

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