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This is my first story for this site. My name is Rahul. I am a software engineer working in a very reputed company. I am very fond of sex and sex stories. I really like this site and it’s my turn now to contribute to the site. This is a true incident happened to my wife. My wife is very loyal to me. She used to say me each and every small thing that she experiences. This was one of incidents encountered by her.
In fact it was her first sexual experience that she experienced other than me. I was in onsite (U.S) at that time and my wife was staying alone in our home. My wife s parents used to stay with her since she was alone in home with our child. On that particular week they have gone to their native to attend a marriage function, so my wife and my child was alone in our home.
Now let me narrate about my wife. She is a very conservative and humble girl.
She was 26 yrs old( You know how a normal women would look at this age). Although we are living in Chennai for the past 4 yrs, she has not got the metropolitan culture in her. She is very fair and taller than most of the Tamil girls (5”8’). Her native is Palaghat,( mallu girls have better complexion than the Tamil girls). Our neighbours in the nearby flats may be sometimes confused on seeing her speaking Tamil because she looks like a north Indian.
She normally used to wear Saree in home, since that was her village culture. The person who sees her cannot take their eyes off by seeing her assets. She can even turn on an old man. She has got perfects assets to fit her body. She wears well covered blouse trying to hide most of her body parts, but you people know that the Indian sarees and blouses cannot always hide the sexual parts of women, it only reveals them.

I have always seen my neigbours stare at her 36 size boobs when they come to our home without any shyness even if I am present with them. But my wife quickly understands the situation and gets away from their hungry eyes very cleverly. She has been very loyal to me always.
Let come to incident and how it took place. Since my wife is alone in home on that day, she has to take care of all the household activities by herself. She has prepared the morning breakfast and fed the child.
We have a maid in our home that comes early in the morning to do some house cleaning and she will be leaving at around 9. After that my wife closes every front door’s and goes for bath.
This is her normal routine. Then she starts cooking for the lunch after the vegetable vendor supplies her required vegetables. On that day, the vendor came at around 10 and rang the door bell. His name was Suresh and he was providing us vegetables for the last 2 yrs. He is a very kind and good person and he is very well known to all our family members.
My wife also used to get some household help from him by getting groceries from nearby shops but very rarely. I have seen her talk to this person very well than any other person. This guy is in his mid 30s. He has got a very good athletic body. I doubted this guy had an eye on my wife, but who will not with such a beautiful lady.
My wife looks sexier in the morning after completing her bath and she opened the door after hearing the door bell, and saw Suresh standing with vegetables holding in his head.
She invited him inside the hall and put on the fan as she saw sweat coming down from his body. He kept the vegetable basket on the floor, and sat besides that. My wife started to select the required vegetables for that day, as this person comes everyday.
While she was selecting the vegetables, she heard the baby cry in the bedroom. In a hurry she kept the vegetables down and asked Suresh to wait for some time and rushed inside her bedroom.
The bedroom was in such a way anything that happens inside the room is visible through the dressing table mirror. She took the baby from the cradle by bending down whereby her saree was free falling and Suresh was able to see the thoppul (navel) of my wife from the sides. She had a very deep navel. He could not take the eyes from her. He instantly had a hard on. He adjusted his pants and took his eyes off as he had no other bad intentions.
My wife gave some toys to the child to console the child. But the baby did not stop crying. She knew that the baby is hungry and has to feed her. She took the baby to the other side of the bedroom away from the view of Suresh and asked Suresh to leave if he wants, because she will take another 10 mins. Suresh told “No problem madam, I will wait as I have supplied vegetables to the nearby houses.”
My wife being unaware that Suresh was able to get a full view of her through the mirror in the dressing table, started pulling down her saree pallu. She knowingly kept the door of the room open so that she can have a watch of Suresh, as you cannot leave a vegetable vendor alone in such a big house because he may steal some things from the home even though how well know he was. Suresh could not control himself by seeing my sexy wife in her blouse.
She opened the hooks of her blouse and let both the balls of her to be visible to Suresh. What a sight for him, after selling vegetables all morning to see a sexy housewife sitting in only her bra, showing her big breast and folds in her stomach getting ready to feed her baby. He thought of taking his eyes away but he could not avoid a very rare sight like this. He has never seen a sight like this before in his life.
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