Monday, July 19, 2010

My Saba :

Hi friends this is long narration but this is a real incident happened with me. I know my incident people don’t like but its true my English (Angrezi) is very poor.pls comment on me my story is not like other good stories like” happy to be in Coimbatore or wife reborn or learn to drive part 1″.but its better than other stories what people write here -all name’s are fake but only one name is real that my Laden. I love one girl her name is Affu. I’m married to her. I did court marriage.
Affu have one friend of her name “Saba” (my love).she was my class mate. I never tried to talk I always afraid of her cause she got one friend with whom I had affair. I loved that girl too much but it all was school days only infatuation Saba is engaged to my friend Fahad(family family).but she loves my friend Faroque he is my best friend she badly wanted to get married to Faroque so I thought help Saba 2get married to him but destiny was different what I’ve always thinks then finally she got married to Fahad but later she help me to get marry to Affu.
Things were fine between as Saba and I became good friends. I work in merchant ships and Fahad also they had some family problems between Saba and Fahad also me with Affu you people know how the loves marriages goes always girls are fucking demanding. I used to get irritated on Affu. I started to share everything between Saba. I also try to solve her problems also we became very close I’ve understand each other..after some time Fahad brought one house in Mumbai (cause of family problem) before they used to stay in village after 1 year I also brought flat in Mumbai.
We started to visit each other home frequently in 2009 Fahad went to ship Saba used to come at our place Affu don’t have problem if she comes or stay at our place once Affu went to village cause her mom wasn’t feeling good. I had pending some work so I didn’t go, Affu asked Saba to take care of me Affu went after 2days her mom was feeling better I got relax cause I can’t see Affu in pain. I ask her to stay there some more days once in evening Saba brought some food for me we were sitting talking general things then she started to talk about her personal problem with
Fahad and his family how they are behaving don’t know what happened to her she started to cry I don’t know what to do I hold her hand but she didn’t stop crying and saying about difference between Fahad and Faroque she was crying very badly. I hold her face wipe her tears hugged her very tight.1st time I touch her hug her she was becoming normal I asked her to have dinner 1st she refuse later agreed after dinner we were watching TV i ask Saba shall we go for movie she said no I insist her I said I didn’t saw movie long time she said itni raat ko koi dekh lega to galat Fehmi
Hogi. I said no body will see nobody will come for 2345 show some how she agreed then I call my wife and told her I’m not feeling good I’m keeping my cell off.(she stay alone ).then we went for movie. I got last corner seat she was sitting left side of mine that movie very senti love aaj kal during movie again she started to cry. I hold her hand then I hug her asking her to stop crying after some time she became normal after finishing movie I asked tomorrow I’ve go for shopping cause I want buy some clothes she agreed we fixed time
1600hours.she joined me after that I brought some clothes she liked my dress combination she was wearing simple shalwar kurta.i insist her to buy some cloths for her she agreed she was confused what to buy then i help her I choose white shalwar kurta and jeans she was hesitated to try jeans I convinced her she went for try she was looking awesome in jeans and shirt then I ask her to try one fitting shirt she liked what I had choose for her.1st time in many days I felt something wrong in my mind.cos first time I saw her bra strap.
Her boobs were coming out from shirt. I asked her to adjust that she felt very shy we finished with shopping. I asked her to dinner outside we had candle light dinner then I asked her for dance with me we dance for some time we were dancing very close to each other her boobs was brushing against my chest I felt something in my nerve my hard penis was brushing her thighs she realize that she said she is tired we stopped left hotel I ask her tomorrow will go for movie.
She said only late night. I drop her at home next day again she come to my place I was trying to prepare roti she said she will help me she started to mix wheat. I was standing behind her. I was looking her ass it was slowly moving. I got hard on her hairs was tied with pin I can see her bare neck she was looking so good from back. I don’t know what happened to me I went near her from back hug her she got shocked she was yelling laden leave me leave me I become in normal I said sorry to her she said it’s not right we are good friends and this is not right in our religion in our relation.
I beg her not to tell anyone she promised me she won’t then I’ve left for movie I can’t see at her face she said its ok.hota hai aise jo nahi hona chahiye that movie was very laugh too much after finishing movie I said again sorry she said ok. I was reaching her home to drop her she said she 4got her keys in her house she need key maker I said it’s not possible now. I ask her to stay at my place she said ok. I reached my home we enter inside then I drop myself on sofa I said i got serve headache she said she will apply some bam. I said I don’t like that she said she will massage i agreed i put my head on lap she was massaging me her couple of time her boobs were touching my forehead.

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